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My Darkened Neverland

Somewhere over this drab rainbow I shall find my peace..

20 February 1985
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i am a skitzo that loves pain and to see pain.. so just let me know if ya want me to introduce you to it.. I am a sick twistid faggot with a crooked smile.. don't worry i wont bite....hard.. I am searching for another like me to show new heights of this fuckt world.. I will become world known one day, as well as remembered.. i am in search of my king...could you be him? I am a sin, I am an Addiction...one taste and you will be hooked, i can show you bliss and exstacy in the blink of an eye and the world in a grain of sand.. are you willing to loose everything to gain everything, i am who is going with me? grab my hand and lets go..